“My journey to RISD CE began when I opened a beautiful color brochure in 2009 and began to consider which class to take first. I joined the Animation certificate program to expand my skillset and make new work, which met all of my expectations and more; it was great to see the work being produced by my fellow students over the course of a few years.

My instructor, Bryan Rodrigues, was super kind and taught a very approachable Photoshop class. I also enjoyed Evan Villari’s class in Filmmaking; he was super supportive and always brought energy to the class. The most challenging project to complete was my final animation project because I had to produce an animated short and not just fragments—animation is a lot of work as you approach it scene by scene, frame by frame.

The pandemic changed the way I create a lot, I ditched the traditional studio for the interdisciplinary approach and with lots of collaborating. I turned an extra bedroom into a full-time electronic studio equipped with everything I needed to make animations, videos, and digital paintings. I got so much work done from October of 2020 to February of 2021, with musicians, painters, and animators; my screen time went through the roof, but my work got stronger as a result of all the projects I was involved in.”

—Brian O’Malley, 2021 RISD CE Animation certificate graduate

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