Art and Design for Everyone

Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education provides an immersive and innovative art and design education for everyone, at all stages of life and all levels of experience.

RISD CE Online Courses

Online Courses

RISD CE Online offers accessible, flexible and immersive learning experiences that you can access anywhere. Join us online to stay on track with a certificate program, explore a new subject, or take your very first course in art and design.

RISD CE Adult Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Any RISD CE course can be taken for personal or professional enrichment, and many can also be taken as part of a certificate program. Certificate programs are designed for students who are looking to accelerate their creative lives and work, and join a community of certificate program graduates.

Adult Programs

Adult Programs

A wide variety of creative experiences await our adult students. We offer courses in a broad range of visual arts and design disciplines (both traditional and digital), as well as in topics related to art and design as integral parts of our lives and culture. Online courses run year round.

Youth Programs (Ages 6-17)

Youth Programs (Ages 6-17)

Youth ages 6-17 attend RISD CE courses to grow creatively as they develop their artistic abilities. Led by outstanding artists, designers and educators, these courses journey into the artistic process where the emphasis is on designing, communicating and creating.


  • Teen online courses - architecture, interior and landscape design

Teen Online Spring Courses Start March 4, 2023


With RISD Continuing Education, students in teen online courses are on a path to becoming the creators, innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow regardless of where their academic interests take them. Program highlights include: courses [...]

Student Spotlights

  • Portrait of Emily Bourassa, a RISD CE student

Student Spotlight: Emily Bourassa


“My journey with RISD Continuing Education began when I realized that if I could go back to being 18, I would have gone to art school. The most surprising thing about taking these courses [...]

  • RISD CE student spotlight: Tiffany Gong (portrait)

Student Spotlight: Tiffany Gong


“My journey with RISD CE began when I discovered some 3D printed figurines at an art show in Boston’s SoWa art and design district. I was fascinated by the technologies of today and how [...]

  • Amy Salomone, RISD CE student spotlight

Student Spotlight: Amy Salomone


"My journey to RISD CE began when I was taking an anatomical portrait class at RISD CE and someone had mentioned being in the Natural Science Illustration certificate program; I felt that it was [...]

  • RISD CE student spotlight: Portrait of Claire (Kexin) H., Advanced Program Online student

Student Spotlight: Claire (Kexin) H.


“My journey to RISD CE began in 2020 when I was a rising sophomore in high school. I am now going into grade 12 and have taken Advanced Program Online courses for three summers. [...]

  • Leah Spencer, RISD CE Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Leah Spencer


"At the time I started the Graphic Design certificate program, I was working as a corporate graphic designer and felt my job was very repetitive and uninspiring. Then two years later, I learned about [...]

  • Reed Pike, RISD CE student spotlight portrait

Student Spotlight: Reed Pike


“When I moved to Rhode Island I discovered the RISD Continuing Education offerings, and chose to grow as an artist and further my knowledge. A summer credit course, Book Design, challenged me the most. [...]

Instructor Spotlights

  • RISD CE instructor spotlight: Bruce Campbell

Instructor Spotlight: Bruce Campbell


"My Journey with RISD Continuing Education began when I completed a faculty swap with my lecturer position at the University of Washington. Charles was teaching at RISD CE but wanted to perform research activities [...]

  • RISD CE instructor profile: Tim McCool

Instructor Spotlight: Tim McCool


“My journey to becoming a RISD CE instructor began when I was asked if I could adapt my abstract painting class into an online format. Setting up asynchronous courses was a challenge because I [...]

  • RISD Continuing Education Spotlight: John Gonzalez, instructor

Instructor Spotlight: John Gonzalez


“I grew up in Providence and wanted nothing more than to attend RISD as a student, which I did as an undergraduate in the early 2000s. RISD really is a special world. When I [...]

  • Matthew Manning, RISD CE instructor spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Manning


Get to know Matthew Manning, a RISD Continuing Education instructor for animation and stop-motion courses: Matthew started animating as a child with a Super 8 camera in his parent’s garage. He attended California State [...]