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A painting of an orange peel; a student brushing a plaster mold.

Student Spotlight

“I had never considered myself great at drawing–I would avoid it if I could. It was in Eric Dusseault’s Drawing I class that I learned that the skill of drawing is possible for everyone. It takes a great instructor, a bit of determination (and grace with yourself) and time to learn the skill.”

—Chelsey de León, RISD CE Residential Interior Design certificate student

RISD CE student spotlight: Chelsey de León.
Portrait of RISD CE painting instructor Colete Martin

Instructor Spotlight

“I have never stopped learning about making art! Every year I gain more understanding of my own practice, which helps me build better-informed and more nuanced courses. As a working artist, my practice is always changing and my approach to art making is always growing. I see myself and my art in the work of my students all the time.”

—Colete Martin, RISD CE painting instructor

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