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Personalized, innovative & creative programming that meets your organization’s needs

Through custom programming and partnerships, RISD Continuing Education is advancing its mission of providing an immersive and innovative art and design education for everyone.

Through RISD’s unique approach to learning, thinking and making, CE Custom creates and delivers customized learning experiences that meet the specific needs of your organization and community. CE Custom seeks sustainable, collaborative and reciprocal partners that are interested in joining RISD’s creative community.

Our custom-made programs and courses can be designed for local, national and global organizations, schools, nonprofits, and more. We offer online, in-person and hybrid approaches. We invite you to fill out the form below so that we may explore potential collaborations and services.

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Programs can be designed to adapt to a variety of different needs. Examples of programs and partnerships we have developed include:

Teenage students examining room-sized sculpture in an art gallery.

Summer Teen Art Institute (Shanghai, China)

In partnership with the HD Shanghai Bilingual School and Elite K12, this residential program immerses high school students in China with foundation drawing and design courses plus selected majors. Students engage with like-minded individuals while participating in an unforgettable experience.

Student photographic artwork: teenage girl playing saxophone.

Rhode Island Department of Education

We’ve partnered with the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to provide both summer enrichment and high school credit-bearing courses focused on career readiness and work-based learning. Students who cannot normally access RISD take free courses in a range of topics including fashion illustration, graphic design, painting, character design, industrial design and more. Student artwork (above): Nia A., RIDE participant.

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If you’d like to learn more about CE Custom, have programming needs, or would like to explore additional partnerships, please fill out this brief intake form. As the department works to meet its goals of community engagement, revenue and/or strategic growth, RISD Continuing Education encourages you to engage with us.

CE Custom is open to local, national and global partners who are interested in RISD-run services, joint partnerships, and anything in between. Engage today!

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“I really liked the summer program. I think it was definitely much more challenging than I thought, but meeting people with the same interests as me and trying things I haven’t tried before was a really great experience.”

Summer Teen Art Institute participant, 2022

“I think this program really gave me the opportunity to explore things outside of my comfort zone. I was able to challenge and push myself beyond my normal limits and create works that I’m proud of. Through all the open-ended assignments, I was able to get in touch with different mediums and I think that really helped me get a clearer vision of what possible directions I would want to go in for future art majors.”

Summer Teen Art Institute participant, 2022

“It was honestly a great experience. This was the first time I had ever been taught by college level teachers, and even though learning and working in the beginning was definitely tough, I feel as if I have greatly improved as an artist after taking this course. The best part of this experience was definitely receiving critiques from the teachers and TAs, as I received truly insightful advice on my work, and have a better idea of what art colleges look for in a potential student and have also become more comfortable with stepping out of my comfort zone. Also just got a bunch of work done, and now have a lot more refined pieces ready for my portfolio!”

Summer Teen Art Institute participant, 2022