Certificate Programs Overview

Online Certificate Programs: For Creative Lives and Work

RISD Continuing Education certificates are flexible to accommodate both your learning interests and schedule; robust by providing immersive, studio based learning that is current, relevant and integrally connected to the creative economy; and impactful—equipping students with skills, confidence, proficiency and real-world experience to accelerate creative lives and work.

Programs are led by diverse, expert faculty—academics, creative practitioners, entrepreneurs and industry leaders—with professional connections to the creative economy. With no entry requirements, these non-credit certificates allow you to learn with motivated peers to develop your portfolio, broaden existing skills, explore a new career path or life pursuit, or start your own business—and build the network that will help you do it.

Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education

RISD has an unparalleled reputation for producing highly skilled, successful and internationally renowned creative practitioners.

With more than 100 years of expertise nurturing ‘critical making, thinking and innovation’ and ‘applying the principles of art and design to the requirements of trade and manufacture’, RISD Continuing Education Certificate Programs are designed to facilitate personal and professional development by engaging students in sustained exploration and learning in specific creative disciplines.

RISD CE certificates offer an accessible, transformative and effective way to join a community of certificate program graduates who have accelerated their creative lives and work.

“I established a solid foundation through its well-structured curriculum, taught by inspiring artists who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Open critique sessions further propelled me to take on the role as an artist instead of an art student.” —Franny Lee, Drawing + Painting Studies

“The RISD CE Certificate Program helped me turn a hobby I love into a career I enjoy. A solid portfolio and dedication will get you the job, but having RISD on your resume will get you in the door.” —Heather Auclair, Jewelry + Light Metals

“After receiving my certificate I began working for one of the top 100 design firms in the nation. I have gone on to work on projects from coast to coast.” —Josh Shockley, Interior Design