Youth Programs

(Ages 6–17)

Building a Foundation in Art and Design

Whether online or in person during the summer, our courses for youth ages 6 to 17 allow students to grow creatively as they develop and refine their artistic abilities. Led by outstanding visual artists, designers and educators, these programs journey into the artistic process where the emphasis is on thinking, designing, communicating and creating.

Young artists ages 6 to 12 build self-confidence as they develop a strong foundation of creative and technical skills. Teenage students ages 13 to 17 use art as a means for creative self-expression, increasing their skill level as well as their maturity. For both age groups, these programs introduce students to notable artists and their work, and help foster each student’s creative, social and intellectual development.

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Teenage student painting

Teen Online Courses (ages 13–17)

From figure drawing to sculpture to computer animation, some teenage artists and designers attend RISD CE courses for fun and enrichment, while others have a more academic goal in mind. Year-round courses provide opportunities for teens to be with their peers who are energetic, creative and passionate about what they’re doing.

Teen Online Courses (ages 13–17)
RISD Advanced Program Online for high school students

Advanced Program Online (ages 15–18)

RISD’s Advanced Program Online is a series of intensive, collegiate-level courses for students in grades 10–12 (or the equivalent) who are 15–18 years old. This intensive online experience is designed for those interested in pursuing art and design in college and want to learn best practices in producing portfolio work.


During the Summer:

RISD Pre-College program


RISD Pre-College offers rising high school juniors and seniors the chance to experience life as a RISD undergrad. Students follow a college-level curriculum with day-long studio classes, critiques and projects. Students work alongside hundreds of other creative, highly motivated peers from around the world.

RISD CE youth courses ages 9-12

Youth Courses (ages 9–12)

For youth ages 9 to 12 during the summer, RISD CE in-person courses provide a strong grounding in the visual arts and encourage creative growth through self-expression. Students are taught by outstanding educators, and students get to expand their creative minds, build self-confidence and establish a foundation of technical skills.

Youth Courses (ages 9–12)
RISD Continuing Education art and design courses for kids and teens

Youth Courses (ages 6–8)

RISD CE’s engaging and educational courses for young artists include open-ended projects and lessons that encourage confidence. Offered during the summer, in-person classes utilize RISD’s unique facilities, including studio space, the RISD Museum and the RISD Nature Lab.

Youth Courses (ages 6–8)
RISD CE kids camps

Youth Full-Day Camps

Youth ages 6–12 are invited to full-day summer camps at Tillinghast Place in Barrington, RI. Campers enjoy the creativity of an art workshop combined with the amusement of summer camp as we explore a range of art topics and find creative inspiration by the beach and rolling green hills.