“My journey to RISD CE began when I taught an acrylic painting course in late 2022.

I’m currently building a course on alla prima painting using acrylic paints (Alla Prima Acrylic Figure Painting). The content focuses on the human figure and portrait, painted in a loose and immediate style. Students will explore an age-old technique using a new-age medium. It’s a course where students can really coax out their inner impressionist and gain understanding of acrylics. I’m really excited to teach this class in the spring!

I think every instructor and student wants to feel a human connection. I try to send video feedback as a remedy to the occasional anonymity of online teaching.

I have never stopped learning about making art! Every year I gain more understanding of my own practice, which helps me build better-informed and more nuanced courses. As a working artist, my practice is always changing and my approach to art making is always growing. I see myself and my art in the work of my students all the time.

Art is a career and a hobby. It’s deadly serious while also being a bit of play. We assign our own meaning to our work. I want students to find how art fits into their life and disregard comparison for how it might fit into someone else’s.

My advice to anyone thinking about taking a class with RISD Continuing Education would be to go for it! Learning new subjects and teaching have informed my life and art practice in unexpected ways.”

—Colete Martin, RISD CE painting instructor

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Gallery of Colete’s artwork