“My journey to RISD Continuing Education began when I graduated with a BA in Language and needed a new goal. What surprised me about taking these courses was the quality of instruction and help from professors while in a long-distance setting (Alaska). I’ve been excited and feel accomplished every time I enroll in a class for my certificate; what helps is knowing how passionate I feel about the certification I selected (Residential Interior Design).

My family schedule is sometimes hectic: I have an elder who is aging in place and an adult son who has autism. I’ve had to make sure I follow through on the scheduled hours for myself and my family. It is not easy but it’s doable, especially when I am determined to achieve a goal.

This program has been a stepping stone in my career; I know that I can achieve a goal regardless of my age, time or family situation. Earning a certificate is a great personal achievement that can open up future opportunities. It will give me confidence, motivation and a new network of contacts and mentors. I will be able to show that I can be committed to learning and improving myself and that I have the potential to succeed in whatever I choose to do next.”

—Roxana Bergt, RISD CE Residential Interior Design certificate student

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