“I love having the opportunity to use my time at home to create storylines and complete stop-motion animations that I may not have had the time to do otherwise.

In the Animating Critters class, I had to learn how to make my characters appear to move naturally as opposed to having choppy movements, which is a fairly difficult task to master. This takes a lot of practice and was something I continued to work on outside of class and am still working on mastering today.

Simon Allen was my instructor for all of the animation classes I have taken with RISD CE—I enjoyed his classes so much that I repeated a few of them. Because I knew the basics, he encouraged me to develop my storylines and characters further both in the class and at home. I continue to create movies after my classes are over and now have a YouTube channel featuring my ‘Fox and Pizza’ series.”

—Landon, RISD CE teen online student

Check out Landon’s videos in our Student Work Playlist on YouTube.

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