“A coworker of mine sent me the course catalog, suggesting I take a class to complement my role in the office. A year later, I’m on my way to completing a RISD CE Interactive Design certificate and building a portfolio entirely independent of my work experience!

I always had an interest in web design and had dabbled in self-teaching coding languages, but ultimately lacked the ability to find inspiration for sample projects or continue to invest in learning. Taking a continuing education class at RISD allowed me to test the waters of following a guided lesson plan, and I finally found a way to learn in a structured environment, receive helpful feedback, and go at a pace that would keep me from becoming discouraged.

I was amazed at how well my classes prepared me to use various skills and programs immediately beyond course completion. I have taken several courses with Bruce Campbell, all of which have been a fascinating experience in developing new skills in web design. Taking a course that involves coding can be daunting, but I have been so encouraged by his ability to break down the lessons into modules that are easy to digest.

At this point, I have already been able to create projects that I am proud of and start to build a portfolio that I can present to the world, which has been a huge boost to my confidence and pushed me closer to reaching my goals.

Even when learning remotely, classmates have been able to share their projects and receive feedback that has us continuously improving our skills—regardless of our previous experience in web design. One class may have a wide range of experience in coding, yet we all are able to learn from one another in a motivating, collaborative environment. I am so excited to take this learning beyond the classroom! When your coursework ends, your learning journey continues!”

—Katie Taylor, RISD CE student

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