Winter Registration Opens November 5

In the fall we looked at the creative process: how it can be exploratory, messy and deeply personal, and is an essential part of understanding how you think and work as an artist or designer.

This winter, we’ll look at what it means to put that creative process into practice—day in, and day out—in all of the work you create. Artistic practice can be about the physical making of something: the tools you use, methods you employ and materials you incorporate. But it can also be about how you integrate into the art world at large. For example, business and professional skills are crucial in the competitive creative market, as covered in The Business of Art. We’ll also look at other important skills like Writing an Artist’s Statement, Building Your Online Portfolio and the importance of developing a thorough agreement in Contracts: What Artists + Designers Need to Know.

Join us this winter to put your creative process into practice … classes start January 5, 2019. Registration opens November 5.

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