Instead of binge-watching your shows on a Tuesday evening, mingle with like-minded creative souls while learning a new art form (and bring home a project to show for it). Whether you’re looking for instruction and a personal creative outlet, or the social side of the experience is just as important, RISD Continuing Education’s summer 3-hour workshops let you try your hand at one (or more) art and design forms without much of a time commitment. The eight workshops offered this summer connect you with makers, fellow students, and instructors who are professional artists.

Summer 3-hour workshops are held Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Visit to register. (Search with keyword “3-HOUR”)

June 20:

  • Gaining Control of Your Digital Camera
    Do you have a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera but feel unsure about how to use it effectively? This workshop is for you if you have little or no experience using a DSLR and want to gain a basic understanding of how to use it to maximum advantage.
  • Make a Chain
    Explore a variety of chain-making techniques with a few simple tools, assorted gauges and types of wire. Working with pliers and easy-to-make wire forming jigs, you’ll create your own custom links, add texture with hammers, and explore unique wire forms that enhance your design work with handcrafted chains.
  • 3D Modeling in Rhino: Making a Virtual Spoon
    Explore the possibilities of creative 3D form in Rhino. Work with manipulating geometric forms, and with importing vector-based line art, to make forms that are consistent with your design work. These forms may be prepared for 3D output to a rapid prototyping printer.
  • The Unbearable Lighting of Video
    Lighting the video image has never been easy, but there are dependable strategies that the low-budget filmmaker can use that will look like a million dollars to the audience. Get a tutorial in lighting hardware (meters, lights, doors, scrims and reflectors) framed by discussions of lighting philosophy and aesthetic.

June 27:

  • How to Make a Color Wheel
    In this workshop for absolute beginners, students engage in basic color theory concepts as they are guided through the creation of an integral artist’s tool: the painted color wheel. You’ll receive an introduction to the nature of the watercolor medium and its possibilities through color mixing and wet-on-dry paint brushing technique.
  • Macro Photography Workshop
    If you’re fascinated by the landscape of a flower blossom or the vista of a spider’s web, then you have an appreciation for the wonders of macro photography. This workshop introduces close-up photography through a multimedia presentation and hands-on demonstration of technique.

July 11:

  • Starting a Sketchbook
    Want to dive into art making but don’t know where to start? Starting a sketchbook is a perfect entry point. Quick and easy strategies are introduced as you begin generating work for your sketchbook, including line exercises and collage techniques.
  • How to Draw a Hand
    Hands are one of the hardest things to master as an artist. Learn basic hand anatomy and some simple drawing tricks to help you quickly and accurately sketch the hand in many different positions. Come experience how this single lesson can greatly improve your drawing skills.

July 18:

  • Quick Perspective
    Success of perceptual drawings and paintings hinges on a solid understanding of perspective, including eye level and horizon lines. Let us help you get it right with this introduction to perspective drawing that identifies key strategies to consider when working with space.

July 25:

  • What’s a Collage?
    Two words: paper and glue. Dive into the infinite possibilities this pairing can produce, armed with a pair of scissors and a willingness to experiment. You’ll leave class with multiple pieces, and begin to understand the immense potential of this very accessible way to make images.