“My journey to RISD Continuing Education began when I was looking for teaching opportunities in the Boston area. I got the confirmation once I had moved to Alabama and, happily, the class was remote!

As the instructor for Moldmaking and Casting: Introduction, I’m excited to bring what I’ve learned over the past decade in the industry to students! I also hope to connect local foundries within student areas so they have the opportunity to have their work cast in metal.

Much of moldmaking involves hands-on intuition. When molds fail, it is often because of a faulty parting line or a lack of proper mold release. Without trained eyes and hands, students will have to become adept quickly, but we work our way into it gradually.

Much of my work involves technical aspects of moldmaking, but I often skew materials to behave in ways that are non-traditional. Having experience with these materials means I can subvert students’ inclinations so that they arrive at new outcomes and techniques.

The ability to reproduce objects through moldmaking is powerful, and I want my students to finish my class with confidence.

My advice to students? Lean into the lessons. Bite off as much as you can chew. Return to the videos, the projects, and the lessons after the official end date, and make more!”

—Sam Horowitz, instructor, Moldmaking and Casting: Introduction

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Gallery of Sam’s artwork

Artwork by Sam Horowitz:

1) The Long Now, 2023. Cast iron, blown glass, steel, Birmingham limestone, tap water, fountain components, hardware. 42” x 42” x 96″
2) Interrupted Strata (Tabloid IX), 2023. Iron, steel, various inclusions, mirrored bronze. 12” x 19” x 6”
3) Erosion Study III, 2022. Patinated bronze, stainless steel, iron. 9” x 7” x 4″
4) Studio Fossil (Trilobite ((Duct Tape))), 2022. Georgian granite, bronze. 12” x 10” x 3″