“I chose to take a class at RISD CE to develop my creative process, create legitimate works, and challenge myself. I started with an Introduction to Illustration course and have taken a variety of courses since then. The instructor that made the most impact on me was Casey Roonan, who taught Comic Book Illustration, because he really challenged me and gave me good feedback on my comic strips. I also took an Oil Painting Technique Intensive that was incredibly difficult, but overcoming obstacles plays an important role in being creative.

My creative process has amplified because of the social distancing restrictions brought on by COVID-19; I spend more time on my projects because it’s a good indoor activity—I’ve converted the drafting board in my house from a comic table to print studio to further my current projects.

If you’re thinking about taking a RISD CE online course, choose something challenging and throw yourself into it.”

—Sam Marshall, RISD CE student

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