“RISD is a part of the creative pantheon. Rhode Island School of Design raises the eyebrows of people inside and outside the artist community. You don’t build a name and reputation like that without a consistent program and high standards, both of which I wanted to learn from. I was surprised to find out about how the class atmosphere is inviting and relaxed. Starting new adventures, or pushing to continue your journey, can be hard and scary, but RISD CE is supportive and open to the variety of ages, backgrounds, and more important, skill level—anyone looking to express themselves creatively.

I do a lot of drawing. Using my sketchbook to draw studies, thumbnails, poses, collect colors I like or put ideas down. I’ll brain dump, then zero in on something that surprises me and could have substance. I draw more and make notes on those drawings. Before taking my first class, I’d buy a sketchbook and use the first 2 pages and never see it again. Since starting at RISD CE I fill about 2+ sketchbooks a year.

Take a class. An Intro to whatever program you’re interested in is probably best to start. Know that from the first week you’ll need to schedule outside time for projects, because it goes by quickly and doing the work is how you’ll get the most out of a class.”

—Nico Ecenarro, RISD CE Graphic Design certificate program student

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