“My journey to RISD began on my first day of the RISD Pre-College program as a fashion design major. I chose RISD because I’ve always heard great things about their inclusivity and ability to guide students towards their goals and discovery of their true passions. My instructor, Maha Barsom, always pushed me to do my best and strive for better. On every assignment she gave me feedback on how to push it forward. My final piece for the fashion show was a reflection of that process and my dedication.

I found Design Foundations to be challenging—the course really opened me up to new media, techniques and experiences that I’d never used before. Those lessons have become a part of my creative process; I like to start with an idea, usually inspired by an object or view that I’d like to expand on. Then, I draw small thumbnails of each design. I keep everything (good or bad) and then I research the topic. I find inspiring materials or patterns and run with it!

If you put in the work you will leave RISD Pre-College as a different person with different skills—I have a completely different view on my art after my RISD experience.”

—Julia Sica, RISD Pre-College student, 2019

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