“I recently moved to Providence and was thrilled to learn about the RISD Continuing Education program. To get the opportunity to take classes at one of the best art schools in the country with incredible instructors and engaged students has been a highlight of moving to Rhode Island! I appreciate how accessible the courses are for all skill-sets and experiences. I’ve also enjoyed the collaborative nature of classes with critiques where we have the opportunity to get feedback from instructors and our classmates.

In Design I, we looked at design principles through using 12 shapes we created on week 2 of the class. We used these shapes for the rest of the semester for every project, which forced me to be creative as it got more and more difficult to come up with new ideas while still using the same base set of shapes. It was really great to do this as a class, where everyone was feeling similarly challenged to come up with new ideas and could learn from each other.

When not in RISD CE classes, I work for uAspire as a manager of virtual advising systems. I’m hoping to apply some of the concepts I learn at RISD about interactive design to my work in creating engaging user experiences for advisors via the technology we use and how our systems are set up.”

—Alex Houston, RISD CE student

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