Gain skills in film editing, sound mixing, motion graphics creation, and industry-standard VFX software.

RISD Continuing Education presents two new courses in Summer 2019 with opportunities to gain technical skills in an increasingly vital communications tool: video. Students in the six-week courses, Documentary Filmmaking and The 3D Generalist: Introduction to Motion Visual Effects, will work under the guidance of award-winning filmmaker Todd Free, have access to professional equipment, and receive training in how to use it.

Who should register:

  • Content creation professionals who want to add to their skill set
  • College students whose programs do not offer film or video studies
  • Career changers interested in filmmaking and/or special effects


The 3D Generalist: Introduction to Motion Visual Effects

Fridays, Jun 21–Aug 2 | 9 am–noon
Rhode Island School of Design campus, Providence, RI
tuition $425 | lab fee $30

Learn the principles, techniques and software used by 3D generalists and Hollywood VFX production studios to produce visual effects for motion pictures, television advertising and game development, and gain skills in industry-standard VFX software for completing visual effects including 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, camera tracking and compositing.

You’ll create a professional visual effect over live action footage by learning how to:

  • Create 3D models using SideFX Houdini
  • Create motion picture-quality visual effects including water effects, fire effects and explosions using SideFX Houdini
  • Create lifelike textures
  • Light and film digital scenes
  • Match move digital cameras with actual footage
  • Render and composite final images using Houdini


Documentary Filmmaking

Thursdays, Jun 20–Aug 1 | 6:30–9:30 pm
Rhode Island School of Design campus, Providence, RI
tuition $425 | lab fee $30 | equipment fee $180

Learn the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking for commercial, noncommercial, social or artistic purposes, using RISD’s professional camera equipment and multimedia lab for film editing, sound mixing, and motion graphics creation.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Develop ideas and scripts for documentary production
  • Manage documentary film production and logistics
  • Shoot professional video and record professional sound
  • Edit video footage for engaging storytelling
  • Create finishing touches, including motion graphics and sound mixing

NOTE: Documentary Filmmaking is currently full. Add yourself to the waiting list (below); we’ll notify you if a space becomes available.

Since 1998, Todd Free has worked as a producer, director, cinematographer and editor on TV commercials, music videos, broadcast TV shows and movies, and feature length documentaries and motion pictures. In 2014, he was under voting consideration for two Academy Awards including Best Feature Documentary and Film Editing. Currently, he creates campaigns and content at the Interactive Pixel Company, in Charlottesville, VA, and teaches future generations of thinkers, makers, content creators, and artists how to do the same.

RISD Continuing Education instructor Todd Free