Friends, family members and instructors gathered in the RISD Auditorium the evening of June 6 to celebrate the accomplishments of students receiving certificates for completion of studies in RISD Continuing Education certificate programs.

At this year’s ceremony and reception, 67 students received certificates in nine RISD|CE programs:

  • Advertising Design
  • Animation
  • Children’s Book Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry + Light Metals
  • Natural Science Illustration
  • Photography

Executive Director of Continuing Education Sarah Caggiano welcomed the 67 students who trusted themselves – “each of whom took action, took risks, and had faith in the future.”

In her address, President Rosanne Somerson 76 ID reflected on the graduates’ investments in themselves, both personally and professionally: “And you have done all of this in the name of developing something that is fundamentally human: your creativity, your capacity to make, to produce something truly new. You are now a more whole, a more realized version of yourself.”

John Hames, instructor for the Photography program, was presented with the 2017-2018 Teacher of Excellence Award. He advised students, “You now have the tools to build your own place in the creative world. Use the tools wisely, but use them.”

In her remarks to classmates, family and friends, student speaker Alexandra Nuttbrown – who received her certificate in Interactive Design and plans to return to California to work as a UX designer – reflected on how “every class here has helped me become a more thoughtful, observant, creative designer.”

Certificate Graduate speaker Marcela Staudenmaier – a 2014 graduate of RISD|CE’s Children’s Book Illustration certificate program, is a practicing architect who has received numerous awards for her three-dimensional cut paper illustrations. She offered encouragement for this year’s graduates: “Our art… is just the visible part of who we are as artists. So, remember to be visible, show always your best work, promote yourself, build a network of peers, be generous, practice your craft, work hard, go the extra mile.”

RISD|CE offers certificate programs that address specific training needs of adult students, many of whom have college and professional experience but want to upgrade their skills or make a career change.

Congratulations, Graduates!