“My journey to RISD CE began when I first visited campus in 2016. I returned because I wanted to push my understanding of web design as far as possible in order to develop my own website.

The thing that surprised me most about RISD CE was the diversity of courses being offered. Being surrounded by such talented and creative students, and taught by the very best teachers in their field was the best part of my experience. I absolutely loved the energy of our Web Design instructor Roy Vanegas.

One piece of advice I would give to someone thinking about taking a RISD class would be to come prepared to work hard outside of class hours, and make sure to partner with fellow students on assignments. Also, check out the library, which was my favorite place to study!

If I were to sum up my creative process, it would be: Empathy > Insights > Ideation > Prototyping > Iteration.”

—Pierre-Laurent Baudey, student, RISD CE Summer Programs / Summer Institute for Graphic Design Studies

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