“My journey to RISD began when I set foot in the Nature Lab. I went on a tour when I was about 17 years old and knew I had to be a part of it! Little did I know what my future would hold—I would work there for four years as a student and then later in life as a curator for three more years. Today, as a RISD CE instructor, I still borrow objects from the Nature Lab to inspire my class. The Lab is one of those special things about RISD that cannot be duplicated. Many have tried, but the spirit of Edna keeps the place unique and better than all the rest!

I’ve had so many GREAT role models here at RISD…Catherine Andreozzi and Kathleen Grevers, my undergraduate professors who helped lift me up when times were tough. Meg Decubellis for her mentorship and encouragement to spread the knowledge I’ve accumulated through teaching in undergrad, Pre-College and Continuing Education! And last but not least, Karen Idoine, former Curator at the Nature Lab for mentoring me and showing me what a passionate and creative career woman looks like!

If you’re thinking about taking a RISD class, my advice is to do it. You can take a million classes at a million places, but somehow the RISD one is always the best!”

—Katy Dika, RISD CE instructor

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