“Coming from France to Providence with my family for a couple of years, I had the opportunity to make a break in my professional life and explore new fields. RISD CE looked like the perfect fit to awaken the creative part of myself! I decided to enroll in the Interior Design certificate program. I was still in France when I registered for my first courses and my very first class began two weeks after my arrival in Providence, a drawing class in Barrington: I was amazed by the view, thinking there could not be a better place to start this incredible journey.

The most challenging project was the final studio: Because of COVID-19 we had to adapt to these unprecedented times, but I am glad we were able to continue online and I’m grateful for the dedication and encouragement of our instructor. Social distancing restrictions pushed us to use more online resources and digital communication tools to create, share, and get feedback; video meetings become a new standard because social interactions are essential.

Class after class, I was so thrilled to meet such talented and inspiring instructors and classmates. I was always encouraged to give the best of myself and I learnt a lot, not only about art and design but about myself.”

—Hélène Boutserin, 2020 RISD CE Interior Design certificate graduate

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