“I chose to take classes at RISD CE because, during coronavirus, it felt like my life was put on hold. College was not resuming the way I would have liked and no college-level programs interested me enough to add to my schedule — that is until I stumbled upon RISD CE’s certificate programs. I found something that combined my favorite activity (art) with college learning. I thought it was a really smart way to work towards building a portfolio while having fun. I also got to take time off from academics to figure out what I really want to spend my time doing as I enter the workforce.

I sold all of my bedroom furniture at the beginning of September and re-furnished the room with desks, easels, tables, chairs, you name it. I turned my room into my art studio. I am trying to continue doing creative projects and actively build a portfolio, even if I have no motivation.

Everyone who has helped me figure out which learning track was best for me has made a huge impact; whether it be admissions, continuing education, or my professors directly, everyone has made my journey at RISD as pleasant and easy as possible.

I think what surprised me the most about RISD was that no matter what way you chose to study, what certificate you chose to pursue, how old you are, etc. RISD offers classes and workshops for every interest of every student.

Taking a RISD CE course is a great way to learn more about a specific medium while getting advice from insanely knowledgeable instructors one-on-one. If your lack of direction leads you here, don’t question it.”

—Haley Hartin, RISD CE student

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