“I have been looking for communities online that share similar interests in socially engaged art and my journey to RISD started when I read about Continuing Education’s Art & Activism course instructed by Carolyn Gennari. I have always been very passionate about socially engaged art and was happy to learn that RISD offers a class on the same! Love the RISD community for proactively beginning meaningful ‘art & society’ focused conversations.

RISD CE courses welcome open dialogue; participants are encouraged to reflect, proactively interact, and engage with society to make art that narrates stories of truth and real lived experiences.

Due to COVID restrictions, I’ve created a beautiful space to create using pretty shades of cherry wood, greens, and blue—made it functional by adding in an adjustable desk and a director’s chair. All the art I make also graces my walls which in turn adds a lovely little touch as I continue to work in my little space!”

—Anmol Anubhai, RISD CE student

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