“My creative process was inspired by the video game, The Sims. I wouldn’t even play the game, I just enjoyed making houses and rooms with different themes and colors and prints and floors. It seems silly, but that game is how I became interested in interior design.

My life changed drastically after surviving a life-threatening car accident, and I was unable to continue working at my paramilitary job. I decided to pursue my dreams of being an interior designer through RISD CE’s Interior Design certificate program. Being at RISD, adjusting to a different way of thinking, and learning different methods have all helped me through my recovery. The program is fun, open, and there’s always someone in the class who wants to be your friend. My instructor, David Paolino, is the smartest man when it comes to my subject. I’d keep him in my pocket if I could! Enjoy the moment and you will enjoy the class.

My advice is to never fear going back to school to follow your dreams—no matter how old you are, how much pain you’re in, or how scared you may be. Do it. Be fearless.”

—Alyson Beaulieu, RISD CE Interior Design certificate student

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