Congratulations 2020 certificate grads

RISD CE Certificate Graduation Celebration

Congratulations on completing your RISD CE Certificate! The entire CE team and the whole RISD community is so proud, thrilled and amazed at your tremendous achievement, especially during this trying time. You overcame the disruption, difficulty and stress that COVID-19 presented and were still able to complete your certificate – this is an amazing accomplishment!

Certificate Graduates


Casey William Cherry
Zhuo Yin He
Rowan Sayer Kream
Mason James Morello
Greg Stasiw

Graphic Design

Jordan Arruda
April Iris Gardner
Anna Gorbunova
Leah Spencer
Kathryn Agnella Trites
Ava Varszegi

Interactive Design

Kelly Lyn DeCastro
Lucy Nunn Hahn
Amy Andrea Iglesias
James Leonard
Cassandra Waung

Interior Design

Jane Elizabeth Barnes
Helene Boutserin
Amy Hutchings
Mary M. Maloney
Alissa Lee Arango
Sarah Elizabeth Palko
Sarah Renee St. Martin

Natural Science Illustration

Hilary Archer
Meg Curran
Jennifer Kiluk

Painting Studies

Megan Erin Jones
Jessica Metzler
Daniela Stojanovic
Laura Bowman Wing


Joshua Dana Araujo
Bob Arnold
Michael J. Bensink
Norman Joshua Harnick
Ted Jackvony
Jennifer M. Jope
David A. Kwasniewski
Jeff Potter
Gordon A. Riley, Jr.
Jennifer E. Vuono

Product Development and Manufacturing

Kathryn M. Adams
Christopher Bailey-Gates
Carolina Briano
Anna Gorbunova
Rosangel Somers
Andrea M. Ukleja

Student Work

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Student Stories

Teacher of Excellence Award

Michael Lyons, Painting

Michael Lyons is an award-winning artist and illustrator best known for his evocative watercolor paintings. He was named one of Watercolor Magazine‘s “25 Artists to Watch,” and holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, scholarship membership to New York’s historic Salmagundi Art Club, and membership at the Providence Art Club. In 2007 Michael received a highly competitive artist residency at the C-Scape Dune Shack in Provincetown, MA. He returned to the dune shacks for stays in 2010 and 2015 and his experiences living and painting in the dunes were written about in Smithsonian magazine. He currently shows original work and prints in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Certificate Graduate Speaker

Steven Lucas, Graphic Design

Steven Lucas was born and raised in Los Angeles where he worked in TV production for seven years before moving to Rhode Island to study graphic design at RISD Continuing Education. Steve has worked for such companies as ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC America, National Geographic, Discovery, Bravo and VH1 on projects such as “Life Below Zero,” “The Next Iron Chef,” “Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution,” “Homicide Hunter,” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” Steve has a BS in Communication Studies from URI along with a certificate in graphic design from RISD CE. He currently works for (add)ventures in Providence as a motion graphics designer/animator.