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  • Art School Preparation Certificate for Young Adults

    Cathy Davis-Hayes, Certificate Advisor

    It is never too early to begin the intensive preparation necessary to create a first-rate high school portfolio. Our Art School Preparation Certificate Program is designed for students interested in a future in visual art or design, and is intended to supplement (not replace) a … Read More

  • The six-week summer residential Pre-College Program offers 16- to 18-year-old high school students a comprehensive introduction to the college art school experience. Students follow a college-level studio curriculum and live in RISD residence halls, in a full-immersion encounter with art and design education at the … Read More

  • Summer is the perfect time to come to Rhode Island School of Design to explore new avenues of personal and professional artistic development, or to reach a new level within a current direction. The Summer Studies Program in the visual and liberal arts encompasses a wide … Read More

  • Year-round, RISD/CE's Young Artist Program provides a strong grounding in the visual arts and encourages creative and personal growth through self-expression. Each course creates a dynamic environment where students build self-confidence along with a foundation of creative and technical skills. Classes are offered evenings and … Read More

Sculpture Courses

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  • Deconstruct to Reconstruct: Upcycled Couture

    Beth Bentley, Ages 18+, Jul 02 — Aug 07, Wednesdays + Thursdays, 9am-4pm

    Americans generate roughly nine billion pounds of used clothing annually, representing six percent of household waste destined for landfills -- hardly sustainable practice. In this course, we take creative action… Read More
  • Introduction to Jewelry

    Johan Van Aswegen, Ages 18+, Jul 03 — Aug 08, Thursdays + Fridays, 9am-4:30pm

    An intriguing piece of jewelry not only attracts the eye, but complements its wearer or tells a story. In this course, we move beyond appreciation to creation by learning the… Read More
  • Color: From Theory to Practice

    Harel Kedem, Ages 18+, Jul 03 — Aug 08, Thursdays + Fridays, 9am-4:30pm

    Essential to creative development, the effective use of color can still elude the most sophisticated artists and designers. This course explores the intricacies of using color in fine art and… Read More
  • Mixed Media Medley

    Section 02, Jennifer Ashley Singleton, Ages 6-8, Jul 21 — Aug 01, Monday - Friday, 9am-12pm

    Sometimes one art material is just not enough to express the big, bold and creative ideas you have. This class explores combining, layering and experimenting with both traditional and nontraditional… Read More
  • Claymania!

    Ellen Blomgren, Ages 6-8, Jul 21 — Aug 01, Monday - Friday, 9am-12pm

    In this introduction to building with clay, the focus is on fun as younger students explore many ways of constructing basic ceramic art works. Children discover how easy it is… Read More
  • Claymation

    Carissa Abitabilo, Ages 9-12, Jul 21 — Aug 01, Monday - Friday, 9am-12pm

    Punch it, pull it, make it move. Clay has a lot of character -- wouldn't Gumby or Wallace and Gromit agree? Their talented animators certainly would. Join us to learn… Read More