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Photography Programs

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  • Digital Photography Certificate

    John Hames, Certificate Advisor

    Photography is both an art and a science, requiring both aesthetic and technical skills. This program addresses the need for photographers of all levels to stay technologically current and creatively relevant. With its broad instructional focus, the program is appropriate for both beginning and experienced … Read More

  • Photography Certificate for Young Adults

    Cathy Davis-Hayes, Certificate Advisor

    RISD/CE has long offered a number of creative photography courses in our Young Artist Program, and many of our students have been honored with Rhode Island Scholastic Art Awards for their photographs and portfolios. As a next step, we offer this certificate program for students … Read More

  • Year-round, RISD/CE's Young Artist Program provides a strong grounding in the visual arts and encourages creative and personal growth through self-expression. Each course creates a dynamic environment where students build self-confidence along with a foundation of creative and technical skills. Classes are offered evenings and … Read More

Photography Courses

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  • Photographing the Still Life  

    Richard King, Ages 18+, Oct 10 — Oct 11, Saturday + Sunday, 2-5pm

    Cezanne, Matisse and Edward Weston would all agree that the still life is the artistic subject with the greatest potential for the creative individual. The artist collects the objects to… Read More
  • Vampire Teeth Workshop

    Melinda Rainsberger, Ages 18+, Oct 11 — Oct 18, Sundays, 12-6pm

    The hypnotic gaze, the exquisite fashion sense and the TEETH: That is what has defined literary and cinematic vampires and given them their timeless mystique. In this workshop we consider… Read More
  • Guided Projects in Photography: Young Subjects

    Vanessa Ruiz, Ages 18+, Oct 18 — Nov 22, Sundays, 1-4pm

    Children are common subjects for photographs, but they can provide deeper content than smiles and cute faces. In this course, we look at various photographers and their approach to telling… Read More
  • Documentary Photography: The World as Context

    John Hames, Ages 18+, Oct 27 — Dec 08, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    Much of what we know about the world has come to us through the work of documentary photographers, whose curiosity and sensitivity have alerted us to a tremendous range of… Read More
  • Photography: An Introduction

    Section 02, Evan Villari, Ages 18+, Oct 31 — Dec 12, Saturdays, 9:30am-12:30pm

    This course for new and amateur photographers introduces ways of seeing through the lens and makes plain the underlying two-dimensional design issues and visual concepts hidden within the photographic image.… Read More
  • Digital Wizardry: Computer Graphics for Kids

    TBA, Ages 9-12, Oct 31 — Dec 12, Saturdays, 1-4pm

    Don't believe everything you see! Nearly every photograph that appears in print has been changed or manipulated in some way via the computer. The results of this computer-manipulated art can… Read More