Financial Policies

Tuition, Fees + Supplies

Tuition costs are listed with each course description. To determine if you qualify for a discount, see “Discounts + Reimbursements,” below.

Special Fees
Any lab (laboratory), model, loom, studio, or materials fee appears with the course description and must be paid at the time of registration. They are nonrefundable after the first class and are not subject to discount.

Supplies + Books
Students must purchase materials or books for some courses. Supply lists are usually distributed during the first class. When necessary, a supply list for the first class is printed on registration statements. See Campus Resources for locations of supply stores on campus.

Discounts + Reimbursements

Tuition Reimbursement
Students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer may request an unofficial transcript from RISD CE confirming completion of a course or courses. Students should email or fax their written request indicating their employer’s full address; or come to the CE office and submit a request in person.

Veterans should consult with the Veterans Administration Regional Office to verify their benefits. A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA confirming benefits must accompany the student’s registration form.

Senior Citizens (age 65+)
RISD CE Certificate Graduates (Adult)
RISD Alumni
RISD Matriculated Students
RISD Museum Members

Tuition discounts are available to senior citizens (ages 65+), RISD CE Adult Certificate Graduates, RISD alumni, RISD matriculated students, and RISD Museum members. The online registration system will automatically apply the discount to eligible registrants. The discount will not apply to special costs such as transportation, admittance fees, and so forth. Discounts are not transferable to family members. Also, these discounts apply only once; that is, if a senior citizen is also an alumnus, the discount is still 10 percent. These discounts apply to the current semester only and are not retroactive. The discount does not apply to special fees.


Partial scholarships for the fall and spring terms may be available to students in the Certificate and Young Artist programs who demonstrate significant financial need. RISD CE programs do not qualify for federal or state financial aid through the FAFSA. Scholarship awards are limited and the amounts vary based on the quantity of qualified applications received. When granted, award amounts usually offset a portion of the tuition for a single course only. Awards are occasionally granted to qualified non-certificate students if funds are available. Applicants who have attended RISD CE courses or who have applied for scholarships in previous semester(s) must be in good standing with RISD CE.

To apply, submit the following materials by the fall or spring scholarship application deadline specified on the RISD CE calendar. Late applications will not be processed.

  • RISD CE Scholarship Application
  • RISD CE Registration Form
  • A copy of your most recent tax return
  • A copy of your most recent pay voucher(s) or proof of current income, such as Social Security or unemployment benefit statement, etc. If student is a minor, parent/guardian’s income information must be supplied.

Submit your completed application along with the necessary income documentation:

By Mail:
RISD Continuing Education
Extension Scholarships
Two College StreetProvidence, RI  02903-2787

By Fax: 401 454-6218

By Email:

In person: RISD CE Office, 345 South Main Street, second floor, Providence.

Note: Do not include payment with the scholarship application. Once award decisions have been made, students will receive a letter, including payment information and instructions for accepting or declining the award.

Questions? Please contact the RISD CE Office at 401 454-6200 or


Adding a Course
You may add a course online, or in person (or by mail or fax if tuition/fees are by a third party) any time prior to the start of the course, as long as space is available. Courses meeting for 36 hours can be added up until the second class meeting by contacting an Enrollment Assistant at 401 454-6200. Courses meeting for 18 hours or less will no longer allow any late additions. Tuition is not prorated for missed classes.

Withdrawing from a Course
Withdrawals from courses must be submitted to the RISD CE office in writing by mail or email. Failure to properly withdraw from a course results in a permanent grade of “F” on your record and the loss of any potential refund.

Withdrawals should be sent to

The refund policy and the policy for withdrawing from special events are detailed in “Refunds,” below.


To obtain a refund, submit written notification of withdrawal to Withdrawals can also be submitted in the RISD CE office in person or by mail or fax. Refunds are based on tuition only, and are calculated according to the date the notification is received in the RISD CE office, or if mailed, according to the date of the postmark. Failure to complete a course does not constitute official withdrawal, nor does notification of withdrawal to the instructor. There is a $15 fee per course for all withdrawals. Special fees are not refundable after the first class.

In some cases, an instructor may determine that a student has not successfully met prerequisites and recommend an alternative course of study. If notice of this recommended withdrawal is provided to the student in writing on the date of the first class session, the student should immediately bring that notice to the CE office to receive a full refund.

Processing refunds takes two to four weeks. Refunds of MasterCard or VISA charges are credited to the account that was charged. We do not retain credit card information; therefore, we may need to request your credit card information again in order to issue you a refund.

For classes starting on or after January 1, 2020, the refund policy (below) is applicable:

Tuition refunds are calculated according to the following schedule:

Courses meeting 36 hours
Withdrawal notification received in the RISD CE Office or postmarked:
Before the First Class Session: 100% refund, minus $15
Before the Second Class: 80% refund, minus $15
Before the Third Class: 60% refund, minus $15
Before the Fourth Class: 40% refund, minus $15
After the Fourth Class: no refund

Courses meeting 15-35 hours
Withdrawal notification received in the RISD CE Office or postmarked:
Before the First Class Session: 100% refund, minus $15
Before the Second Class: 60% refund, minus $15
Before the Third Class: 30% refund, minus $15
After the Third Class: no refund

Courses meeting 14 hours or less
Withdrawal notification received in the RISD CE office or postmarked:
5 days before the event/class: 100% refund, minus $15
4 or fewer days before the event/class: no refund

Young Artist classes and camps that meet for three (3) or more consecutive days (half and/or full days)
Withdrawal notification received in the RISD CE Office or postmarked:
14 or more days before the first class/session: 100% refund, minus $15
7-13 days before the first class/session: 50% refund, minus $15
Fewer than 7 days before the first class/session: no refund