Congratulations RISD CE 2023 certificate graduates.

RISD CE Certificate Graduation Celebration

Congratulations on completing your RISD CE Certificate!

The Continuing Education team and the entire Rhode Island School of Design community is proud and amazed at your achievement. You worked hard, overcame obstacles, distractions and difficulties. This is an incredible achievement—and we are excited to see what you do next!

Certificate Graduates


Emily Meredith Lewis
Kathryn B. Warner
Daniel B. Wechsler
Qinyuan Xi

Graphic Design

Justen Carter
Eleanor Collins
Jennifer Harris
Catherine E Kwolek
Kendra McDonald
Stephanie Moore
Jacqueline Pagano
Liza Rutenbeck
Lisa Sobilo
Shelby W. Stein
Christine Texeira
Catherine Wesley
Todd David Wolfson
Kearney Worthington
Mira Emily Yoon

Interactive Design

Paul Centofanti Junior
Maliha Diwan
Antonio Marthers
Povilas Mecys
James Vincent Monterosso
Katelain R. Tavares
Shuting Yu

Interior Design

Veronica Baron
Amara DAntuono
Bridget Godfrey
Sierra Gregoire
Moriah Margaret Harris
Nida Fahad Khan
Michele Mathurin
Kristin N. McIntyre

Natural Science Illustration

Emily Bourassa
Kelly A Dybel
Suzanne D. Eaton
Eve Feldman
Rebecca Bell Goodier
Jane Bliss Graham
Catherine Thomas Kaplan
Jennifer Laponte
Laura Oleniacz
Jill Suzanne Shipman
Ke Tang

Painting Studies

Tamera Bedford
Rosiland Arie Jordan
Alyson Marcell
Lawrence Oleary
Bernadette M Pace
Yang Zhang


Patricia A Buchanan
Andrew Farnum
Nadine Kaissi
Charles King III
Zixi Xia

Product Development and Manufacturing

Rachael Fernbach
Cole Hermann
Mike Lucas III
Douglas Rollins

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Interior Design

Jewelry Making and Design

Natural Science Illustration

Painting Studies


Product Development and Manufacturing

Gallery of Student Work

Featuring work by students earning their certificate this year, across eight programs.

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