Congratulations RISD CE 2022 certificate graduates

RISD CE Certificate Graduation Celebration

Congratulations on completing your RISD CE Certificate!

The Continuing Education team and the entire Rhode Island School of Design community is proud and amazed at your achievement. You worked hard, overcame obstacles, distractions and difficulties. This is an incredible achievement—and we are excited to see what you do next!

Certificate Graduates


Nicholas Orlando
David Preli
Yang Zhang

Graphic Design

Kristina Magen Diogo
Jaqueline Reis Hallal
Anne Low Harrigan
Rennie Keller
Nicole Briody Roberts
Francesca Shaw
Sophia-Su Szydlowski

Interactive Design

Joshua Cimbron
Amber Czesnolowicz
Heather Gleason
Ying Tiffany Gong
Amy Gramolini
M. Alex Houston

Interior Design

Melissa Ellen Akers
Leslie J. Heller
Dana Stallcup
Brittany Truett

Natural Science Illustration

Jennifer Bissonnette
Corinne B. Clapper
Castalia Victoria Jason
Amy Salomone

Painting Studies

Dina Doyle
Mehrafagh Noori
Jana Ott
Bonnie Paradis
Christine Reilly
Darrel J. Sutton
Kathleen M. Tirrell
Christi K. Work

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Interior Design

Jewelry Making and Design

Natural Science Illustration

Painting Studies


Product Development and Manufacturing

Gallery of Student Work

Featuring work by students earning their certificate this year, across six programs.

Click thumbnails for artist credit/larger view.