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Posted on: August 19, 2015

Fall's crisp air and quickened pace revs up our minds! RISD/CE is about to set you on an exciting trail of learning new skills and grasping new ideas. 
Art novices looking for a starting point develop an appreciation for art concepts and processes in Introduction to Visual Art. Fans of vampire lore who want to make their own fangs practice sculpting and mold-making techniques in Vampire Teeth Workshop. Jewelry makers wishing for artistic images of their designs learn the techniques in Gouache Rendering for Jewelry Design. Web designers looking to sharpen their understanding of the human-to-computer experience find the right tools in A Primer on User Experience.  
Discover the vital role of process in contemporary art-making—from beginning to finished piece—while engaging with the RISD Museum collection in the Making Art History series. 
Teens develop an eye for how design decisions affect everything from architecture to fashion, products, Web design, game design and more in a new Design certificate program for teens. There’s also an opportunity for teens to up their JavaScript boss quotient in a new Code Boss series course
Young artists become problem solving character designers, architects, surveyors and engineers as they create Minecraft-based worlds in Minecraftery.
RISD/CE is taking you to new heights this fall!
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Posted on: August 18, 2015

From absolute beginners through seasoned artists, age 6 and above, there's something for everyone at RISD/CE this fall. Choose from evening classes and weekend workshops for adults, and 2 sessions of Saturday classes for young artists.
Classes begin Tuesday, September 15.
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