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Drawing Programs

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  • Art School Preparation Certificate for Young Adults

    Cathy Davis-Hayes, Certificate Advisor

    It is never too early to begin the intensive preparation necessary to create a first-rate high school portfolio. Our Art School Preparation Certificate Program is designed for students interested in a future in visual art or design, and is intended to supplement (not replace) a … Read More

  • Children's Book Illustration Certificate

    Cheryl Kirk Noll, Certificate Advisor

    Aspiring illustrators are introduced to the multi-faceted world of children's book design and illustration while surveying the creative, technical and business aspects of the illustration field. With an emphasis on process, students develop the skills in drawing, painting, writing, digital design, research and development they … Read More

  • Comic + Sequential Art Certificate

    Ty Varszegi, Certificate Advisor

    This program provides students with the opportunity to explore the history, scholarship and assembly of words and pictures that combine to become compelling visual narratives. With core lessons in drawing, story-telling and computer-based workflow, the program allows for the creation of an eye-catching portfolio that … Read More

  • Drawing + Painting Studies Certificate

    Michael Peery, Certificate Advisor

    Within the context of a structured studio environment, students develop critical skills in drawing and painting while exploring the intimate relationship between the two. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in depicting the subject and its setting, while providing tools for experimentation and self-expression. Participants … Read More

  • Natural Science Illustration Certificate

    Amy Bartlett Wright, Certificate Advisor

    From Lady's Slipper Orchids to Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, scientific illustrators must communicate accurate natural science information while applying artistic skills of design, drawing and painting. In this program, students develop the observational skills necessary for realistic depiction while honing artistic abilities to create visually powerful illustrations. … Read More

  • RISD is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities, programs and networks that address the challenges, meanings, and importance of art and design in a global context, and prepare creative agents for a changing world.  RISD: Global Summer Programs is a collaborative effort brought to you … Read More

Drawing Courses

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  • Drawing I

    Section 02, Taleen Batalian, Ages 18+, Feb 24 — May 19, Tuesdays, 7-10pm

    For amateur and professional alike, drawing skills are fundamental to the artist's visual education. Through guided practice, beginning students sharpen their powers of observation as they learn to translate what… Read More
  • Final Projects Studio: Natural Science Illustration

    Amy Bartlett Wright, Ages 18+, Feb 24 — May 19, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    Students in the Natural Science Illustration Certificate Program complete their studies with a final independent project or by serving as an intern with a scientist. In the first option, under… Read More
  • Screenprinting

    Johnny Adimando, Ages 18+, Feb 24 — Mar 31, Tuesdays, 7-10pm

    Originally developed as a way to create signage, screenprinting is the most accessible, expedient and graphic of printmaking mediums. Also the most flexible, it requires no press; a wide range… Read More
  • Drafting + Rendering for Interiors

    Jorge Paricio, Ages 18+, Feb 24 — May 19, Tuesdays, 7-10pm

    This studio course introduces students to architectural drawing, drafting and rendering, as well as their tools and standards. We cover topics and techniques that apply to most projects, such as… Read More
  • Digital Tools for Print Design

    Section 01, Bryan Rodrigues, Ages 18+, Feb 24 — May 19, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    This course helps novice users become more confident -- and intermediate students more competent -- with computer-based design. We introduce the Apple computer and its operating system along with Adobe… Read More
  • Figure Drawing

    Robin Wiseman, Ages 18+, Feb 25 — May 20, Wednesdays, 7-10pm

    The human figure has inspired artists through the centuries to create works of transcendent beauty. In this course, students develop their drawing abilities, whether they already have experience or are… Read More