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Book + Paper Arts Programs

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  • RISD is committed to developing and sustaining opportunities, programs and networks that address the challenges, meanings, and importance of art and design in a global context, and prepare creative agents for a changing world.  RISD: Global Summer Programs is a collaborative effort brought to you … Read More

Book + Paper Arts Courses

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  • Book Studio

    Suzette Cozzens, Ages 18+, Feb 27 — Apr 02, Saturdays, 9am-12pm

    Encounter the beauty of the book as a physical object and experience the craft, inspiration and creativity involved in developing a unique structure with endless possibilities for artistic and literary… Read More
  • Joomchi: Korean Papermaking

    Jiyoung Chung, Ages 18+, Mar 05 — Mar 06, Saturday + Sunday, 10am-4pm

    Joomchi, an ancient Korean papermaking tradition, is a unique way of making remarkably strong textured paper using only water and your hands. Jiyoung Chung, a renowned Joomchi artist who has… Read More