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  • Collecting Art: The Gallery

    Vanphouthon Souvannasane, Robert P. Stack, Ages 18+, Oct 15, Wednesday, 6-9pm

    You don't need millions of dollars, a strong background in art history or impeccable taste to collect art, but knowing exactly how to get started can be intimidating. This class… Read More
  • Framing Workshop: A How-To Guide

    Geoff Gaunt, Ages 18+, Oct 16 — Oct 23, Thursdays, 7-10pm

    A frame is as integral to displaying a work of art as the piece itself -- and a good frame can make it even more amazing -- but getting that… Read More
  • Photography Foundations: Camera RAW Capture + Processing

    David Fleurant, Ages 18+, Oct 17, Friday, 6-9pm

    For the photographer new to digital photography, an understanding of raw file capture and processing techniques is essential. Because a raw file contains so much information, it gives you greater… Read More
  • Color + the Impressionists

    Deborah Forman, Ages 18+, Oct 18 — Oct 19, Saturday + Sunday, 10am-4pm

    Impressionist painting challenged traditional academic rules when it first appeared in the 19th Century -- most notably for its radical approach to using color. Rather than mixing color, the Impressionists… Read More
  • Brushing Up: From Palette to Canvas

    Harley Bartlett, Ages 18+, Oct 18 — Oct 19, Saturday + Sunday, 10am-4pm

    The small distance from your palette to your brush, progressing to a canvas/support, can be dizzyingly big without preparation. This introductory painting workshop taught by living "Old Master" Harley Bartlett… Read More
  • Shibori Scarves Workshop

    Kristina Goransson, Ages 18+, Oct 18 — Oct 25, Saturdays, 2-5pm

    Shibori, an ancient Japanese textile tradition dating back to the 8th Century, is a process of dyeing cloth through stitching, binding, folding, twisting and clamping, thus creating unique patterns and… Read More
  • Nuno Felting: Scarves

    Kristina Goransson, Ages 18+, Oct 18, Saturday, 10am-1pm

    Nuno felting combines wool fibers with an open weave fabric such as silk gauze to create scarves or decorative hangings. First, wool fibers are laid out on silk fabric, and… Read More
  • Graphic Design Studio: Environmental Graphics

    Ron McBain, Ages 18+, Oct 18 — Nov 22, Saturdays, 9:30am-12:30pm

    Print design is no longer confined to newspapers, magazines and brochures. Instead, graphic design is all around us and populates our environment with all sorts of banners, boards, signs and… Read More
  • The History of Graphic Design

    Bryan Rodrigues, Ages 18+, Oct 20 — Nov 24, Online, ONLINE

    This online course examines the chronological development of visual aesthetic communication -- or, more simply, graphic design -- as it has been shaped by technological advancements, artistic and cultural movements,… Read More
  • Reuse, Restyle, Redesign for Fashion Sewing

    Anne Finelli, Ages 18+, Oct 21 — Dec 02, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    This course teaches you how to create new pieces of clothing and accessories from found items, making use of beautiful details in slightly outdated clothes from your attic or thrift… Read More