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This program's goal is for hand knitting design students to create collections that best suit their style and interest in apparel, accessories, home design and sustainable living through fiber products. Students have the opportunity to develop skills in hand knitting design, pattern writing, construction of knitted pieces, fiber study and critical analysis. The curriculum provides exposure to the business of freelance design, sourcing of fibers and guidelines for submission to international knitting design magazines. Students can apply their skills toward work as freelance designers, authors and shop owners.

No longer accepting new certificate candidates.

Please consult the Certificate Program Guide to view the requirements, prerequisites and electives for the Hand Knitting Design Certificate Program. Each requirement listed here includes the semesters offered (F = Fall, W = Winter, SP = Spring, SU = Summer) as well as the number of contact hours for that course. Courses that are being offered this semester will also link (by clicking on the title) to the course page.

certificate program codes
Courses that apply to the Hand Knitting Design Certificate are noted with the code "HK" in the course description (required courses = HK-R; elective courses = HK-E). Note: Certificate Program codes may differ from those used in the RISD degree programs.

special electives
Courses other than those currently listed as HK-E may qualify as electives with permission of the Hand Knitting Design certificate advisor. Students with very specific professional needs should also discuss their requirements with the advisor.

academic advising
Should you have any questions not answered in the Certificate Program Guide below, please request an academic advisement appointment at 401 454-6201.

  • Drawing for the Knitting Designer / Fiber Artist

    Prerequisites: None; Semester: F, SP; Hours: 18

  • Knitting I: Basic Knitting, Swatching + Journaling

    Prerequisites: None; Semester: F, SP; Hours: 36

  • Knitting II: The Language of Patterns

    Prerequisites: Knitting I; Semester: W, SU; Hours: 36

  • Hand Painted Yarn and Knitting: Color, Fiber + Form

    Prerequisites: None; Semester: SU; Hours: 18

  • Understanding Wool + Fiber

    Prerequisites: Basic knitting skills; Semester: W; Hours: 18

  • Knitting III: Creating Original Designs + Patterns

    Prerequisites: Knitting I and Knitting II or certificate advisor permission; Semester: F; Hours: 36

  • Capturing Nature's Colors: Advanced Natural Dyeing for Knitters + Fiber Artists

    Prerequisites: Hand Painted Yarn and Knitting: Color, Fiber + Form; Semester: W; Hours: 18

  • Courses designated HK-E (varies by semester) totaling 18 contact hours

    Prerequisites: See individual courses; Semester: All; Hours: 18

  • Master Class

    Prerequisites: ; Semester: F; Hours: 3

  • Advanced Designer Knitting

    Prerequisites: Knitting I, Knitting II and Knitting III; Semester: SP; Hours: 36

  • Portfolio Preparation: Submitting Designs for Publication

    Prerequisites: All above courses; Semester: SP; Hours: 18