This summer we investigate the impact and influence of color with courses that dive deep into its theoretical, psychological, perceptual, and emotional aspects. Students will learn to quantify and qualify color from an art and design perspective to gain a deeper understanding of hue, saturation, value, intensity, chroma, and full spectrum color.

Students experience the interface of color theory and color application with hands-on making in Woven Color Structures, Exploring Landscape, Atmosphere + Stripes Through Machine Knitting, Color in Photography, and Painting Studio: Making Color Studies; using real-world applications for interior design in The Vibrant Room: Color Through the Ages and Exploring Color for Interiors; and exploring how designers integrate trends in Color Stories: Color + the Marketplace.

Students may begin their exploration of color in Applied Color, a foundation course that helps students understand color relationships and work with color mixing and layering—useful for all types of art making and designing.

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April 16, 2018: Registration opens
June 18, 2018: Summer term begins