Enroll now and be ready to go when the summer term starts on June 20.

From travel photography and plein air painting, to illustrating botanicals and marine species, you’ll find creative pursuits that take advantage of the summer season.

These summer-themed courses are enrolling now:

Travel Photography
Whether on a vacation or a day trip, learn the ways your photographs can transcend a specific time and place.

Botanical Illustration
Plants and flowers have been an inspiration and source for investigation for artists for hundreds of years. Discover how to create your own botanical illustrations using gouache, an opaque watercolor.

Fundamentals of Plein Air Painting
Explore the fundamentals of landscape painting outdoors, or ‘en plein air’. Topics include setting a value key, simplification and abstraction, developing color relationships to convey a sense of space, and more.

Painting Sea and Sky in Watercolor
Learn how to “design” a sky using positive and negative space. You’ll use the watercolor medium to its best effect as you explore painting waves, still water, and various cloud types.

Marine Species Illustration
Marine creatures come in all sizes, shapes, colors and patterns and have expansive creative illustrative possibilities. This course is an invitation to explore and illustrate algae, invertebrates and vertebrates living in our seas and oceans.

Walking as Creative Practice
Explore ways to bring mindfulness and creativity to your creative practice. Each week will focus on a different physical sense or medium (sight, sound, video, physical sensation, smell, taste).

Image (above): instructor Jeremy Durling

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