“My journey with RISD CE began when I discovered some 3D printed figurines at an art show in Boston’s SoWa art and design district. I was fascinated by the technologies of today and how much has changed since I left my old job in graphic design many years back. I also wanted to create a website for my husband’s after-school program. That’s when I decided to enroll in the Interactive Design certificate program at RISD CE.

I loved many of the CE courses including 3D Printing, CSS, JavaScript, and Mobile App Design. The Final Studio and UX courses, with instructor Eric Meier, were my favorite. At that time, I had already created a good volume of new work from the certificate program in addition to my old work. By the end of the class, I was able to “repackage” my designs in a way that was more professional and visually stimulating.

When I was taking CE courses, I was also working full time while caring for two young children. During my time at RISD CE, I have learned to manage my own time and study at my own pace. The certificate program was at first half in-person and half remote. After the pandemic, it has become fully remote, which made it easier for parents with younger children to study.

Transitioning into learning mode after being out of the classroom for 10+ years was difficult, but the most rewarding part was learning what I truly love to do. I believe anyone can go back to school and learn, as long as they have the will.

These courses are well structured and are very easy to follow. Whether students are just learning for fun or to get back in the field, the instructors are always there to help the students meet those goals. I highly recommend RISD CE classes!”

—Tiffany Gong, RISD CE 2022 Interactive Design certificate graduate

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Gallery of Tiffany’s design work