“My journey at RISD CE began after I completed my degree at RISD. I was looking for a way to connect with the immense talent of RISD, and to work in a place that encourages fearlessness and creative thought. ⁠

I started teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was quite a challenge translating the analog part of the class to digital. Learning how to connect to students using video clips and words was a big change for me, but the growth in digital methods and screen time pushed me in the right direction. I started to find new ways to express myself in the digital space—we are not far from an augmented reality. ⁠

I had an amazing pool of students from all backgrounds. They expressed how much they missed being creative in their everyday lives. They enrolled in RISD CE to tap into their creative sides and explore the option to switch careers or pick a hobby! It emphasizes how important art is to us. ⁠

There was a teacher who was taking my course during her sabbatical. She was the first to engage with other students, and share comments or related videos. Her level of engagement and empathy was inspiring. Another student who was a prior medical student amazed me with her designs and work ethic.⁠

In my life, I am inspired by nature, nature, and more nature! Being a part of RISD CE gives me the opportunity to give adults a second chance to pursue their passions.”

—Aarti Kathuria, RISD CE Interior Design instructor

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