Academic Policies

Requirements + Prerequisites

Many RISD|CE programs do not have formal entrance requirements, but some advanced courses require certain coursework or equivalent experience. See specific course descriptions for details. Certificate students must follow the prerequisites outlined in the Certificate Program Guide (click on a specific program to view the Program Guide).

Grading System

A  4.0
A- 3.7
B+  3.3
B  3.0

B-  2.7
C+  2.3
C  2.0
C-  1.7

D+  1.3
D  1.0
F  0.0


Incomplete (I): A grade of “I” is assigned only when coursework is not completed due to extenuating circumstances, and it is given only at the request of the student and at the discretion of the instructor. The time allowed for completion of work may not exceed four weeks after the end of the semester in which the course was taken. Work not completed within this period receives a final grade of “F.”

Student grades are recorded for courses meeting 18 hours or more (or for Young Adult courses, 12 hours or more), but grades are mailed only to certificate students (six weeks after classes end) to the student address on file. Students who are not in a certificate program may request their grades (unofficial transcript) by email at or fax their written request to 401-454-6218; or visit the CE office (with a photo ID) to request their grades in person. All requests require the student’s signature.

Grade Review + Change

For guidelines regarding requests for an academic grade review, please contact RISD|CE at 401 454-6200. Please note that after one semester following the completion of the course in question, grades become part of the permanent academic record and cannot be changed.


RISD|CE now uses Parchment to process transcript requests. You may order paper transcripts or e-transcripts with this service. To order official transcripts, please visit the Parchment Transcript Request page.

Please note: Visit the RISD Registrar’s office to request a transcript for a degree program.

RI Department of Education Professional Development credits may be available for some courses. Teachers seeking such credits should contact Rhode Island Department of Education’s Office of Teacher Certification at 401 222-4600, ext. 2251.

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