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  • Art School Preparation Certificate for Young Adults

    Cathy Davis-Hayes, Certificate Advisor

    It is never too early to begin the intensive preparation necessary to create a first-rate high school portfolio. Our Art School Preparation Certificate Program is designed for students interested in a future in visual art or design, and is intended to supplement (not replace) a … Read More

  • Children's Book Illustration Certificate

    Cheryl Kirk Noll, Certificate Advisor

    Aspiring illustrators are introduced to the multi-faceted world of children's book design and illustration while surveying the creative, technical and business aspects of the illustration field. With an emphasis on process, students develop the skills in drawing, painting, writing, digital design, research and development they … Read More

  • Comic + Sequential Art Certificate

    Ty Varszegi, Certificate Advisor

    This program provides students with the opportunity to explore the history, scholarship and assembly of words and pictures that combine to become compelling visual narratives. With core lessons in drawing, story-telling and computer-based workflow, the program allows for the creation of an eye-catching portfolio that … Read More

  • Comic Art Certificate for Young Adults

    Ty Varszegi, Certificate Advisor

    Comic books blend words and pictures, and it takes skill and practice to create this unique art form. This certificate program begins with foundation courses in drawing and illustration, which facilitate the development of the creative imagination. As they advance, participants learn to develop their … Read More

  • Fashion Design Certificate for Young Adults

    Cathy Davis-Hayes, Certificate Advisor

    RISD has a great reputation for producing up-and-coming fashion designers and likewise, RISD/CE strives to make the world of apparel accessible to a younger audience. This certificate program encompasses courses that include instruction in design and sketching techniques as well as the basics of patternmaking, … Read More

  • Natural Science Illustration Certificate

    Amy Bartlett Wright, Certificate Advisor

    From Lady's Slipper Orchids to Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, scientific illustrators must communicate accurate natural science information while applying artistic skills of design, drawing and painting. In this program, students develop the observational skills necessary for realistic depiction while honing artistic abilities to create visually powerful illustrations. … Read More

Illustration Courses

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  • Painting I: The Transition from Drawing to Painting

    Sean Riley, Ages 18+, Sep 17 — Dec 10, Wednesdays, 7-10pm

    The close relationship between drawing and painting has evolved over centuries and manifests itself in many forms. This course cultivates an understanding of the immediate dynamics between the dry medium… Read More
  • Start Cartooning

    Section 02, Greg Rebis, Ages 12-17, Sep 17 — Nov 12, Wednesdays, 7-9pm

    Young artists see through cartoon-colored glasses in their first encounter with art and design. This course acknowledges that reality, and introduces them to the basic techniques of drawing humans and… Read More
  • Character Development for Illustrators

    Alyssa Holland Short, Ages 13-17, Sep 28, Sunday, 9am-4pm

    From Eloise to Curious George to the Grinch to Spiderman, great characters are timeless -- sometimes even epic! These fictional characters and so many others captivate audiences generation after generation.… Read More
  • Cryptozooerrific

    Matthew E. Paquin, Ages 9-12, Oct 13, Monday, 9:30am-4:30pm

    If you have ever looked for mermaids, dragons and the Sasquatch, you just might be a cryptozoologist. Equal parts detective, artist and scientist, you'd use your imagination to search out… Read More
  • The History of Graphic Design

    Bryan Rodrigues, Ages 18+, Oct 20 — Nov 24, Online, ONLINE

    This online course examines the chronological development of visual aesthetic communication -- or, more simply, graphic design -- as it has been shaped by technological advancements, artistic and cultural movements,… Read More
  • Web Comics

    Phil Oliveira, Ages 13-17, Oct 20 — Nov 24, Online, ONLINE

    The Web has become the medium of choice for comic artists worldwide as the audience for online content expands and digital tools grow more versatile. Web comics are already reshaping… Read More