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Art History + Appreciation Programs

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  • The six-week summer residential Pre-College Program offers 16- to 18-year-old high school students a comprehensive introduction to the college art school experience. Students follow a college-level studio curriculum and live in RISD residence halls, in a full-immersion encounter with art and design education at the … Read More

Art History + Appreciation Courses

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  • Collecting Art: The Gallery

    Vanphouthon Souvannasane, Robert P. Stack, Ages 18+, Oct 15, Wednesday, 6-9pm

    You don't need millions of dollars, a strong background in art history or impeccable taste to collect art, but knowing exactly how to get started can be intimidating. This class… Read More
  • The History of Graphic Design

    Bryan Rodrigues, Ages 18+, Oct 20 — Nov 24, Online, ONLINE

    This online course examines the chronological development of visual aesthetic communication -- or, more simply, graphic design -- as it has been shaped by technological advancements, artistic and cultural movements,… Read More
  • The Mediterranean World: Arts + Culture

    Rebecca Leuchak, Ages 18+, Oct 27 — Dec 01, Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm

    Since earliest times, the Mediterranean Sea has connected the cultures of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Trade of communication, goods and ideas across these waters saw theÊdevelopmentÊof the… Read More
  • Collecting Art: The Auction House

    Robin Starr, Ages 18+, Nov 18, Tuesday, 3-5:30pm

    Auctions aren't just about the buying and selling of multi-million dollar Van Goghs -- they can, in fact, be sources of affordable art for both fledgling and experienced collectors. The… Read More
  • Introduction to Appraising Antiques + the Decorative Arts

    Louise T. Hall, Ages 18+, Dec 01 — Dec 04, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday, 9am-7pm;9am-12pm

    This elementary-level course provides a general introduction to the connoisseurship and appraisal of furniture, ceramics, silver and glass. The course surveys the evolution of form and style, including relevant visual… Read More
  • The History of Costume Design

    Karen Antonowicz, Ages 18+, Jan 13 — Feb 17, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    This course examines Western costume design and its influences throughout history through an overview of social, political and economic forces. Students gain knowledge of the terminology and classifications of garments… Read More