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  • The History of Costume Design

    Karen Antonowicz, Ages 18+, Jan 13 — Feb 17, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    This course examines Western costume design and its influences throughout history through an overview of social, political and economic forces. Students gain knowledge of the terminology and classifications of garments… Read More
  • Appraiser's Field Research Series: Antiques Week in New York

    Jackie Sideli, Ages 18+, Jan 24 — Jan 26, Saturday through Monday, 9am-4pm

    Back by popular demand, Jackie Sideli, veteran antique show manager and dealer, guides students through Antiques Week In New York (also known as Americana Week), an internationally acclaimed series of… Read More
  • How Professionals Design Their Portfolios: Children's Book Illustration

    Mary Jane Begin, Ages 18+, Jan 24, Saturday, 1-4pm

    These workshops, offered every winter, demonstrate how professionals in various fine art and design fields market their work and themselves. Current and potential students -- as well as those considering… Read More
  • Styles in the Decorative Arts II: 1800 to the Present

    John Tschirch, Ages 18+, Feb 23 — May 18, Mondays, 7-10pm

    This course continues the overview of historical trends that have shaped both exterior and interior Western architecture. It covers major figures and movements in architectural and interior design from the… Read More
  • Haute Couture + 20th-Century Fashion

    Karen Antonowicz, Ages 18+, Feb 24 — Mar 31, Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    Do you ever wonder what inspires today's fashion designers? Get a glimpse of fashion's most historic moments of the 20th Century and discover the greatest style influences of this remarkable… Read More
  • Art History: The Grand Tour

    Suzanne Scanlan, Ages 18+, Feb 26 — Apr 30, Thursdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    The Grand Tour -- a cultural pilgrimage through France and Italy made by budding aristocrats during the 17thÊand 18thÊCenturies -- is the focus of this course.ÊThe Grand Tour introduced these… Read More