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Animation Programs

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  • Animation + Video Certificate

    Evan Villari, Certificate Advisor

    Telling stories using the technology-rich vocabulary of film, animation and video gives one a unique opportunity to express a creative vision. This certificate program provides students with a fast-paced curriculum designed to give novices access to the field, as well as training for forward-thinking professionals … Read More

  • Animation Certificate for Young Adults

    Ty Varszegi, Certificate Advisor

    RISD/CE's certificate program in animation gives students a glimpse of the industry and art that surround the study of animation. Participants in this program practice the craft with authentic tools and techniques that are both traditional (pencil and paper) and cutting edge (3D modeling software). … Read More

  • Game Design Certificate for Young Adults

    Ty Varszegi, Certificate Advisor

    RISD/CE's certificate program in game design teaches students the techniques and design principles required to create their own interactive worlds. Students in the program use industry-standard tools to create the user interface and modeling of complex imagined virtual realities -- including fully animated characters and … Read More

  • Movie-Making Certificate for Young Adults

    Ty Varszegi, Certificate Advisor

    While telling a story using traditional live action movie-making can be complicated, this certificate program in movie-making makes the process simple and fun. The program offers students hands-on learning as they shoot digital video, write characters, cut scenes and record sound effects and music, with … Read More

  • Year-round, RISD/CE's Young Artist Program provides a strong grounding in the visual arts and encourages creative and personal growth through self-expression. Each course creates a dynamic environment where students build self-confidence along with a foundation of creative and technical skills. Classes are offered evenings and … Read More

Animation Courses

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  • Basic Drawing

    Robin Wiseman, Ages 18+, Jan 06 — Feb 10, Wednesdays, 7-10pm

    Drawing is the simplest, most efficient and most accessible way to communicate visual ideas. This course focuses on development of hand-eye coordination -- required for all perceptual drawing -- to… Read More
  • Applied Color Concepts

    Section 01, Carlotta Miller, Ages 18+, Jan 06 — Feb 10, Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30pm

    Color is one of the most powerful -- and complex -- tools at the artist's disposal. Bridging the divide between color theory and color practice, this studio course distills the… Read More
  • Human Anatomy

    Amy Wynne, Ages 18+, Jan 07 — Feb 11, Thursdays, 9am-12pm

    This course provides many tools for the artist who wishes to depict the human form with confidence and precision. Various conceptual models are used that allow for the presentation of… Read More
  • Principles of Animation

    Melinda Rainsberger, Ages 18+, Jan 08 — Feb 12, Fridays, 6:30-9:30pm

    The animator's challenge is to embody a static drawing with the illusion of life, making that doodle crawl, march, dance or soar. But where do you begin if your sole… Read More
  • Creating Worlds: Space Fantasy

    Greg Rebis, Ages 18+, Jan 09 — Feb 20, Saturdays, 9am-12pm

    Whether you call it space fantasy or science fiction, it's in the DNA of cross-media attractions like The Force Awakens and Guardians of the Galaxy. In this illustration course, students… Read More
  • Start Cartooning

    Section 01, Greg Rebis, Ages 13-17, Jan 09 — Feb 20, Saturdays, 1-4pm

    Young artists see through cartoon-colored glasses in their first encounter with art and design. This course acknowledges that reality, and introduces them to the basic techniques of drawing humans and… Read More