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  • Master Pieces: An Exploration of Art + Theater

    Steven Hayes, Lindsay Beebe, Ages 7-12, Feb 15 — Feb 19, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    Some of the greatest paintings ever created are images of people frozen in time. In Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, a counter-full of characters sit stuck in a moment. In Renoir's Luncheon… Read More
  • Inspired by Spring!

    Steven Hayes, TBA, Ages 7-12, Apr 18 — Apr 22, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    The snow has melted. The sun is warmer. Green trees, green grass, and a rainbow of flowers bring color back to the dull ground. For centuries artists have been inspired… Read More
  • Mini-Comics Maker Studio

    Melissa Meyer, Ages 13-17, Apr 20 — Apr 21, Wednesdays + Thursdays, 10am-4pm

    Create small comics with big stories, and give your own tales a comic book reality -- all in just two days! The lessons begin with character design, as you create… Read More
  • Advanced Digital Photography: Creative Portraiture

    David Fleurant, Ages 13-17, Apr 20 — Apr 22, Wednesday, Thursday + Friday, 10am-4pm

    How does the professional photographer inspire awe, dread or an air of sophistication with only the human face as subject? How do we alert the viewer to the subject's character?… Read More