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  • Wish You Were Here!

    Steven Hayes, Lindsay Beebe, Ages 7-12, Apr 20 — Apr 24, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    As the weather warms up and the snow melts, we dream of sunny days and going places. In Wish You Were Here!, your destination is limited only by your imagination.… Read More
  • Found Treasure!

    Steven Hayes, Lindsay Beebe, Ages 7-12, Jun 22 — Jun 26, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    Imagine you're walking along a beach, kicking in the sand. Your foot hits something buried beneath, and you dig it up. It's a treasure chest full of riches: money, gold… Read More
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Start Making Movies

    Evan Villari, Ages 12-17, Jun 24 — Jun 26, Wednesday - Friday, 10am-4pm

    Learn to make your own independent short films from start to finish. In this fast-paced course, students begin with the pre-production process of creating original stories and characters before moving… Read More
  • Getting Groovy with Pop Art

    Donald Chabot, Patricia Huntington, A.J. Morse, Ages 7-12, Jun 29 — Jul 10, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    The 1960s art scene was nothing short of psychedelic groovy awesomeness! Focusing on common everyday objects portrayed in larger-than-life sizes and colors, the Pop Art movement was out-of-this-world exciting! Young… Read More
  • Carving Soapstone

    Laura Travis, Ages 13-17, Jun 29 — Jul 02, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday, 9am-4pm

    This workshop in soapstone carving is designed to augment students' sculpting experience and expand their carving technique. Soapstone is the easiest of all stones to carve and offers the satisfying… Read More
  • Introduction to Fiber Arts: Weaving, Dyeing + Printing

    Rhonda Fargnoli, Ages 13-17, Jun 29 — Jul 02, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday, 9am-4pm

    This weeklong intensive in textiles will strengthen your understanding of and push your creativity in the beautiful fiber mediums. This camp is beneficial for students who are exploring fashion, textile… Read More
  • Celestial Creations: A Space Odyssey

    Donald Chabot, A.J. Morse, Patricia Huntington, Ages 7-12, Jul 13 — Jul 24, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    What happens when you investigate space exploration through the lens of an artist? The sky is literally the limit! In today's world, scientists and engineers not only solve present-day challenges,… Read More
  • Round and Round: Pointillism, Polka Dots + More!

    Donald Chabot, A.J. Morse, Ages 7-12, Jul 27 — Aug 07, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm

    Come explore the creative sources of artmaking that can begin in the simplest of places -- circles! Dots, cylinders and spheres are some of the circular elements we play with… Read More
  • Animaking the Music Video!

    TBA, Ages 10-13, Aug 10 — Aug 14, Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm

    Like cake and ice cream, sound and picture just go together. When your sound is a musical track, there is no better choice for the picture than animation. Building a… Read More