Rhode Island School of Design

Continuing Education

RISD/CE's certificate program in animation gives students a glimpse of the industry and art that surround the study of animation. Participants in this program practice the craft with authentic tools and techniques that are both traditional (pencil and paper) and cutting edge (3D modeling software). Using these methods they create exceptional frame-by-frame movies that result from their study of figure drawing, character design, movement, storytelling, modeling, texturing and lighting.

For courses applicable to the Animation certificate program, look for "YA" in the "Applies to" statement at the end of each course description.

Young adult certificate programs offer teens (ages 13-17) the chance to focus their studies as they develop their artistic abilities. Whether used purely as a means for creative self-expression or to prepare for further artistic endeavors after high school, these programs broaden horizons and increase skill levels while building confidence and maturity.

academic advising
Students considering a Young Adult Certificate Program are encouraged to discuss their interests and requirements with the program's certificate advisor. If you would like to request an academic advisement appointment or have any questions, please call the RISD/CE office at 401 454-6201.