Rhode Island School of Design

Continuing Education

Teacher of Excellence Award

The Teacher of Excellence for 2016-201 is Eric Paul Meier '86/IL.

Eric received the 2016-2017 Teacher of Excellence Award at the Certificate Programs Commencement ceremonies on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. He has been an instructor and advisor for the Web and Interactive Design program.

about the award
Each spring, based on student evaluations and feedback, a committee of RISD/CE programmers and administrators selects a Teacher of Excellence for the upcoming academic year. The committee considers nominees who have demonstrated an enthusiastic commitment to students' educational growth and success, superior knowledge of subject matter, and well-organized curriculum and presentation. The Teacher of Excellence is recognized at the Certificate Program graduation ceremony in June, where they receive an award and public commendation.

previous award recipients
T. Michael Tracy (2015-2016): Web and Interactive Design
Amy Wynne (2014-2015): Drawing and Painting
Jane Kernan (2013-2014): Animation and Video
Michael Peery (2012-2013): Drawing and Painting
David Fleurant (2011-2012): Digital Photography
Susan Sklarek (2010-2011): Handloom Weaving
John Tschirch (2009-2010): Interior Design, Historic Preservation
Kurt Van Dexter (2009-2010): Young Artist Program
Evan Villari (2009-2010): Video
Amy Bartlett Wright (2009-2010): Natural Science Illustration
Lindsay Elgin (2008-2009): Digital Photography
Louise T. Hall (2008-2009): Appraisal Studies
Cheryl Kirk Noll (2008-2009): Children's Book Illustration
Barbara Voccola (2008-2009): Young Artist Program
Suzi Cozzens (2007-2008): Book + Paper Arts
Kristin Street (2007-2008): Young Artist Program
Dina Zaccagnini Vincent (2007-2008): Graphic Design
Louis Jannetta (2006-2007): Young Artist Program
Joann Stavinsky (2006-2007): Interior Design
Bryan Rodrigues (2006-2007): Graphic Design, Web Design
Ben Macomber (2005-2006): Young Artist Program
Doug Stern (2005-2006): 3D Modeling
Lori Surdut Weinberg (2005-2006): Children's Book Illustration