Rhode Island School of Design

Continuing Education

On Campus

RISD Store
Design Center, 30 North Main Street
401 454-6464
website: www.risdstore.com
The risd:store carries a wide variety of art supplies, silk screening and printmaking supplies, etching supplies, decorative papers, drawing papers, photography supplies, mounting boards and bookbinding supplies. RISD/CE students may make tax-exempt purchases with a ten percent discount on art supplies (present your registration statement and a photo ID). Special orders, Mastercard and VISA are accepted. Call for hours.

RISD Store 3D
Bank Building, 27 North Main Street
401 454-6354
The risd:store 3D stocks a wide variety of sculpture and jewelry supplies as well as general hardware store items. Plywood, hardwood, Plexiglass, glass and metal rod can be cut to size for next-day pickup. RISD/CE students may make tax-exempt purchases with a ten percent discount on art supplies (present your registration statement and a photo ID). Special orders, MasterCard and VISA are accepted. Call for hours.

RISD Dining
Website: www.risd.edu/students/dining
RISD offers a variety of places to eat on campus, all available to CE students on a cash basis.

The Met Dining Hall
55 Angell Street
The Met menu offers traditional, vegetarian and vegan options, and features innovative entrees, an artisan pizza oven, and a salad and deli bar.

Portfolio Cafe
15 West (The Mandle Building)
Located on the ground floor of 15 West and a short walk from the CIT, the Portfolio Cafe menu features entrees and lighter fare for take-out or dining on-site.

Jolly Roger Cafe
257 South Main Street
A short walk from both the CE office and the BEB, the Jolly Roger Cafe offers sandwiches, salads, soups, coffee and its signature homemade peanut butter.

Watermark Cafe
2nd Floor of the RISD Store
Design Center, 30 North Main Street
RISD's Watermark Cafe offers healthy choices made-to-order with organic products and locally grown produce.

parking for ce students (year round)
For full parking procedures, please consult your registration statement.

parking for commuting students (summer programs)
Automobiles pose a significant problem on the RISD campus, which is situated in a heavily trafficked area. Parking on the RISD campus is NOT available to any non-residential summer students, and public parking options are extremely limited in the immediate area. Public transportation by bus or train, on the other hand, is readily available and relatively inexpensive. Discounted parking during class time is available for commuting students at nearby MetroPark locations (see campus map). Students wishing to utilize discounted MetroPark parking must present a copy of their course schedule to the MetroPark attendant each time they arrive to park.

RISD Public Safety
30 Waterman Street
Emergency: 401 454-6666
Non-Emergency: 401 454-6376
website: www.risd.edu/students/public_safety/overview (includes annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report)

RISD Public Safety is staffed 24 hours a day and is the office to call for all emergencies. From RISD phones dial ext. 6666 or (from the outdoor blue emergency phones) simply pick up the receiver to be connected to Public Safety. In an emergency on campus, a call to 401 454-6666 initiates a faster response than a call to 911. In an emergency off campus only, dial 911. Public Safety's non-emergency extension is 6376 (from standard phones, 401 454-6376).

personal safety recommendations
RISD makes every effort to maintain a safe, secure campus. However, there are things that you should do to increase your personal safety. Some suggestions:

  • Park in well-lit lots.
  • Walk in groups of two or more.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Take advantage of the RISD Rides shuttle (please be prepared to show your RISD/CE registration confirmation statement).
  • Contact Public Safety (401 454-6376) for an escort, especially when walking alone.
  • Never work alone in studios.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the blue emergency phones, inside and outside of buildings.
  • Report any suspicious activity to Public Safety.
  • Some art and design techniques require the use of toxic materials; identify such materials and use caution when handling them. If you are pregnant or have a respiratory problem, please discuss alternative solutions with your instructor.

RISD/CE students have access to some of RISD's premier resources, including The Museum of Art, the Fleet Library, and the Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab.

The Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
224 Benefit Street
401 454-6500
website: www.risdmuseum.org
A major cultural institution in Rhode Island, the RISD Museum houses more than 86,000 works of fine and decorative art ranging from ancient times to the present. It is the only comprehensive art museum in southeastern New England and, as such, is a vital cultural resource both for RISD and the broader community. With seven curatorial departments, the museum offers a rich and varied program of exhibitions, lectures, tours, workshops and publications. It is dedicated to the interpretation of art and design from diverse cultures, and to educating and inspiring artists and designers, families, scholarly researchers and students of all ages. RISD/CE students in courses meeting 18 hours or more may visit the RISD Museum free of charge (upon presentation of registration statement and a photo ID).

Fleet Library at RISD
15 West (The Mandle Building)
15 Westminster Street
401 709-5900
website: http://library.risd.edu/
Founded in 1878, the RISD library is one of the oldest independent art college libraries in the country. Its circulating collection of more than 150,000 volumes offers unusual depth and richness in the areas of art, architecture, design and photography. The collection provides strong historical and contemporary perspectives, and specialized materials in landscape architecture, ceramics, textiles and jewelry support upper-level research. RISD's specialized library is also noted for its artists' books collection, its rare books, some 400 periodical subscriptions and collections of outstanding visual resources. RISD/CE students may use the Library facilities, but do not have borrowing privileges. If they would like borrowing privileges, they may become a member, which they can do for a discounted rate of $25 a year.

Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab
Waterman Building
13 Waterman Street
401 454-6451
website: http://naturelab.risd.edu
RISD's Nature Lab is a unique resource for examining, exploring and understanding the patterns, structures and interactions of design in nature. A 1920 graduate of RISD and a long-time faculty member, Edna Lawrence founded the Nature Lab in 1937. Since then its collections -- along with specialized microscopes and other equipment for studying them -- have continued to grow to include more than 80,000 specimens and other items of natural history. The Nature Lab also houses live animals and plants, a natural history reference library and clipping file, and archives of slides, tapes, videos and x-ray photographs. Several CE classes incorporate scheduled visits to the Nature Lab. Students may borrow selected objects as reference for studio projects.

Have you tried a class at "The Farm" yet? That's Tillinghast Farm, RISD/CE's satellite campus in Barrington, RI, which provides a picturesque natural environment for artmaking. With convenient parking and daytime classes, The Farm's soothing natural landscape makes it the ideal place for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking classes at The Farm is a wonderful way to connect with the tranquility found in a timeless, rural waterfront setting.